Video: The Return of the Money Mural

This film, created by Diana See and Leili Eghbal, is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look of how a reproduction of Margaret Bruton's Money Mural was reinstalled in its original location at 611 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.  I love the fact that the artists at Hattas Public Murals made the work out of individual pieces just like Margaret Bruton did. Margaret made her mural out of terrazzo; this time, the sections were made out of wood, but the three-dimensional effect is much the same.  

Margaret Bruton created the original mural back in 1953.  This acclaimed work was displayed for many years before it was removed and destroyed.  Fortunately, the people at The Wilshire Hub recognized the importance of bringing back this lost work by an innovative and under-recognized woman artist. Enjoy the film!


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