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SISTERS IN ART is now available wherever books are sold!

Reviews for Sisters in Art : "From their chubby-cheeked “Gibson Girl” childhood through their sunlit dotage, the Brutons were exemplars of many aspects of California history and, in recent years, overlooked. Good’s book corrects this."   -- Library Journal "Both beautiful and substantial... a great gift for the art lover in your life."   -- Carmel Pine Cone An "illuminating and heroic work... [Good] writes vividly about how all three Brutons continued to make art until the very end of their lives." -- Jasmin Darznik, NYT bestselling author of The Bohemians. From the back cover: With color photographs and artwork, Sisters in Art is the first biography to capture the lives and works of Margaret, Esther, and Helen Bruton, three exceptionally talented sisters whose mark on the California modernist art scene still impacts our world. Educated at art schools in New York and Paris, the Brutons ran in elite artistic circles and often found themselves in the compan

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