Diego Rivera's Pan American Unity mural coming soon to SFMOMA!

Pan American Unity mural by Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera Mural Project

Check out the latest Friends of Diego Newsletter where William Maynez discusses the extremely complicated transport of Diego Rivera's Pan American Unity mural from the City College of San Francisco, where it is currently on display, to SFMOMA, where it will be on exhibit later this summer.  The technical challenges of moving this delicate fresco are fascinating.

As you may know from reading my blog, Helen Bruton was in charge of the Art in Action program at the Golden Gate International Exposition where Rivera created this masterpiece.  In fact, early on, she suggested that Rivera paint his fresco on panels so that it could be moved after the fair was over.(1)  And now it's being moved yet again!  Helen appreciated Rivera's talent, but found his erratic work schedule to be challenging. You can read more about Helen and Diego here.

Be sure to visit SFMOMA to see this breathtaking mural. There is also a Diego Rivera exhibition scheduled for 2022.  Lots of great things to look forward to!


(1) Helen Bruton, letter to Timothy Pflueger, Feb. 15, 1940, Timothy Pflueger Papers, Bancroft Library. 


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